How is blockchain going to change the social media arena

Social media is at its acme. More than 2 billion people are often connected and active on these platforms and innumerable fresh apps created regularly to suffice the demand. Needless to say, we live in an era of unequaled knowledge, communication and connectivity.

Do's and Don'ts of logo design for a start-up venture

Logo – the word is so popular in the business world due to the purpose it serves. It might look like a very small aspect of big venture but has a bigger role to play. When a business owner might be a start-up or an existing one, has to have a unique and conveying logo.

4 inaccuracies that might be hindering your online business marketing

Do you know there are online marketing firms since 1997, and with the passing phase of time we have also heard about many of them and approach them for marketing our businesses. The scenario is that it is not always that every marketing campaign fetches you a positive or expected result, they fail too.

How is minimalist approach for your logo design benefiting

A proper and perfect logo is prime and indispensable part of establishing a strong place in the competitive market as a modern brand. So, the questions arise how to do that? The minimalist approach is the right way, want to know how? Please continue reading the next section of the write-up.

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