Impact of latest Penguin update 4.0 on the websites – Explained

As Google refreshes its algorithm constantly for providing a better user experience here is yet another step towards it. The latest update rolled is the penguin 4.0 and it has its own impact on the website. According to the experts it has given a long awaited relief for digital marketers. It has proved to be a boon, and now lets see why is so?

It was rolled out on September 23rd and it occurred to be beneficial for the Digital Marketing service providers. The reasons that the update is being considered to be favorable because:

  • The new algorithm only discourages the spam links rather than penalizing the website

  • Penguin update is now considered among the core algorithms of Google that will impact in real time.

  • Promotion of websites in the negative SEO approach has become less feasible.

  • This Penguin update will operate at a much more minute level

  • Penguin 4.0 encourages SEO real marketing.

Devaluing the links rather than the complete website can save the site from getting sandboxed. The main thing is at when Penguin update was rolled for the first time it was penitentiary for sites. And the result was if any of your website was affected by the update then the site suffered a major downfall in the search results. Of course with all the explanation to recover it from that position. The sharpness of penguin update added up with the misinformation regarding the algorithms gave rise to a negative environment and combative behavior between the website owners and Google. So the latest update is much of a relief it will only devalue the links not the whole website, it is like the devaluation compared diminishing value approach. Google will still bard the spam from affecting its search results, but this time it won't create a threat in the business owner's mind of dealing with slow crawling of Google penalty. More detrimental was the unsure recovery. Manual penalties are still in use nut are handled by perspicacious humans that are much more adept at evaluating the intent for the links. One point is that it is easy to identify manual penalties and convenient to detect and rectify.

Penguin update is now considered among the core algorithms of Google that will impact in real time.

The change that has been brought by refreshing the penguin data was in real time, which makes it easy to detect fast as it is more visible than the previous ones whose effect could be gauged after the re-indexing of the web page. When the update is done by Google to understand the impact and try recovering faster. It has been seen that the websites negatively affected by Penguin had to wait approximately for more than 500 days for this update.

At present Penguin 4.0 is real time, business owners with websites have to no longer brooding over Google's next algorithm refresh. This will be a major advantage for SEOs, as if any, competing site outranks our clients site through spam, it will not be demoted in real time.

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